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toying with virtual machines

Screenshot of BRIX The good old BRIX

Well, it's been a long time since I had this much fun programming something.

I've always been interested in emulation, but I never really took the time to see how it works; I simply felt that it was out of my league. After reading some good articles, I realized I could try emulating the simplest system of them all : the CHIP-8.

Technically speaking, the CHIP-8 is not a real machine, it's a interpreted programming language that anyone can implement. It contains 35 instructions, a couple of registers, and only one drawing method; making it really easy to emulate.

After a couple of nights trying to debug some bitwise operations, I managed to complete the emulator. I really encourage all of you to implement your own, as it makes you understand a little bit more how CPUs/computers work (and that makes for a good practice of bitwise operations). Almost anyone can do this with a little time! You can grab mine here.

So... What's next? GameBoy?